Abderhalden's reaction

Abderhalden's reaction
reacción de Abderhalden, reacción sérica.

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  • Abderhalden — may refer to:* Abderhalden Kaufmann Lignac syndrome * Abderhalden reaction, developed by Emil AbderhaldenAbderhalden (from de. ab der Halden) a Swiss surname: * Emil Abderhalden (March 9, 1877 August 5, 1950), a Swiss biochemist * Jörg… …   Wikipedia

  • Abderhalden reaction — The Abderhalden reaction is a now blood test for pregnancy developed by Emil Abderhalden.In 1909 Abderhalden found that on identification of a foreign protein in the blood, the body reacts with a defensive fermentation (in modern terms, a… …   Wikipedia

  • Abderhalden reaction — Ab·der·hal·den reaction äp dər .häl dən n the occurrence in body fluids of proteolytic enzymes specific for foreign proteins introduced into the body parenterally Abderhalden Emil (1877 1950) Swiss physiologist. Abderhalden is most noteworthy for …   Medical dictionary

  • abderhalden reaction — ˈäpdə(r)ˌhäldən noun Usage: usually capitalized A Etymology: translation of German Abderhaldensche reaktion, after Emil Abderhalden died 1950 Swiss chemist & physiologist : the occurrence in body fluids of proteolytic enzymes specific for foreign …   Useful english dictionary

  • Emil Abderhalden — (March 9 1877 August 5 1950) was a Swiss biochemist and physiologist. His main findings though disputed already in the 1920s, were not finally rejected until the late 1990s. Whether his misleading findings were based on fraud or simply the result …   Wikipedia

  • Emil Abderhalden — (* 9. März 1877 in Oberuzwil; † 5. August 1950 in Zürich) war ein Schweizer Physiologe und „Entdecker“ der Abderhaldenschen Abwehrfermente. Inhaltsverzeichnis …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Scientific phenomena named after people — This is a list of scientific phenomena and concepts named after people (eponymous phenomena). For other lists of eponyms, see eponym. NOTOC A* Abderhalden ninhydrin reaction Emil Abderhalden * Abney effect, Abney s law of additivity William de… …   Wikipedia

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  • Hipótesis del ciclol — Reacción del ciclol clásica. Dos grupos peptídicos se unen por enlace N C , convirtiendo el oxígeno carbonílico en una grupo hidroxilo. Si bien esta reacción ocurre en unos pocos péptidos cíclicos, es desfavor …   Wikipedia Español

  • Абдергальден, Эмиль — Эмиль Абдергальден Emil Abderhalden …   Википедия

  • Абдергальден Э. — Эмиль Абдергальден Дата рождения: 9 марта 1877 Место рождения: Швейцария, Оберуцвиль Дата смерти: 5 августа 1950 Место смерти: Швейцария, Цюрих Гражданство …   Википедия